Cashmere Care

Cashmere is a wonderful and one of the world’s finest natural fibres to own. As you wear your Cashmere garments it becomes softer with time. However, in order to maintain Cashmere garments in their original and best possible condition, it requires care and attention. There are few alternative methods to wash and clean cashmere with hand wash, dry-clean and machine wash. However, it is recommended to dry-clean as hand washing if not done correctly can damage or stretch the garment. In addition, machine wash is an alternative least-recommended option.

Hand Wash

There are four simple steps which followed can produce the optimal result for your Cashmere garment.

  1. Wash Cashmere by hand in luke warm water (around 30 C degree) using a mild detergent and thoroughly rinse in water. It’s important to emphasize that Cashmere fabric can be stretched out of shape easily. You should never wring or twist the fabric and finally gently press excess water from garment.
  2. While the Cashmere still wet, you need to lay the Cashmere garment on a dry towel. Press to remove the access water gently and repeat the steps when you feel sufficient water absorption and dryness can be felt from the garment.
  3. Grab a fresh dry towel and lay the sweater and roll the garment in a towel and press to remove excess moisture and speed drying
  4. Once the Cashmere garment is dry then you can fold it carefully. You must avoid centre crease, out of sunlight, never hang fabric as wet Cashmere can stretch out of shape. Once dried, it’s recommended that lay the garment flat in a drawer or on a closed shelf.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the best way to deal with stains that hand washing cannot remove. It is recommended if the cashmere is woven or has details such as leather buttons, which could be damaged by water. Some designs with loose knit structures are safer dry cleaned, as hand washing can disturb the knit pattern.

Machine Washing

Dry cleaning and hand-washing are the recommended cleaning methods but we all know that washing machines vary between the manufacturers. At the same time, font loading washing machine with delicate cycles and setting temperature no greater than 30C degrees are the optimal settings. If individuals opt to use washing machines then we can offer the following advice:

  1. Turn the Cashmere fabric inside out and put it a white, clean cotton pillowcase closed. Ensure you wrap it around a few times and secure the ends.
  2. You must set the washing machine cycle to “Delicate/Hand Wash” and set water to Cold/Cold.
  3. Add two tablespoons of Cashmere shampoo to the load.
  4. Once the cycle is finished, remove garment out of pillow case and let air dry flat.
  5. After few hours, turn the garment right-side out and continue air-drying.
  6. The garment has kept its size and shape and the Cashmere shampoo has made it soft. Once dried, it’s recommended that lay the garment flat in a drawer or on a closed shelf.
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