Every story has a beginning. Plush Cashmere is no different but with a history to share.  Today, our third generation entrepreneurs have been in the Cashmere business for over 38 years.  We have worked with many reputable brands and fashion designers around the globe.

Los Angeles, a name which is synonymous to sunshine, surf, palms, beaches, rodeo, entertainment and the birth place of Plush Cashmere in 2010.  Plush Cashmere defines the West Coast life style which brings and shares the luxury along with the sophistication of Cashmere to a more relaxed and casual wear.  Plush Cashmere’s primarily focus has been women’s contemporary knitwear along with a vast Cashmere Accessories and Home Accessories collection.  Since Plush Cashmere inception, Plush has expanded and is available in the U.S. and Canada.  In addition, Plush Cashmere is proud to announce that it was selected as an “Emerging Designer” during the WWDMAGIC show (Feb. ’15) Las Vegas, Nevada.

Plush Cashmere is a life style and we want to share the experience.